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09-08-2010, 07:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Devilswede View Post
Kings fans are so bitter, and I friggin love it!

Kings fans when he was traded to NJ from ATL: "I'm happy he went to NJ, we're going to sign in the summer anyway, he wants to be in LA."

Kings fans when Kovy became a UFA: "Now it's just a matter of time before we get the best UFA ever. Do it Dean!"

Kings fans when Kovy signed with NJ: "****ing greedy ****er! The Devils cheated! We want compensation! Kovy sucks! He can't play defense! I'm glad he signed in NJ! We're better off without him!"
There is one worse kind than "bad losers", namely the bad "winners". I personally despise the mentality that you make an effort to interpret things as "you lost" and "we won", further developed into "you suck, and I really have to tell it to you". I personally like winning, but I certainly don't feel the urge to act small by mocking someone else about it, even less in this kind of social forum.

The funny thing about this particular case is, we are talking about Ilya freakin Kovalchuk. Not Gretzky, Lemieux, Orr or Howe. It's Kovalchuk. You are actually implementing the "bad winner" mentality after aquiring one of todays best goal getters, also carrying zero experience past round 1 of the stanley cup playoffs. That's, how should I say this, pathetic (no, not Kovalchuk, but the mentality). Good for the Devils, good for Lou Lamoriello who I like, and good for the fans (well hopefully, lets see what this materializes into in terms of on ice results). Shouldn't that be enough for you, or do you need absolute confirmation that only you "won" and everyone else "lost" to base your assumtion that this was a good move by "your" club?

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