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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
After reading this, I was looking for the upside to this and I really can't find one.

Lets say that Feds comes in and out-plays a rookie, What does that say about the kid?

Fedotenko is a 3rd liner, a solid one with a bit of talent yes, but a 3rd liner at best. He comes in here and takes a roster spot from a kid it's because he's the best option which speaks volumns about the youth in our system.

So, we assume Feds makes the team, where does he play and over whom on the current roster does he get a spot?

Avery? Not likely
Callahan (rehtorical)
Anisimov? He's the 3rd line center thsi year, cemented.
Prust? I think that Feds provides more offence, but Prust does so much more.
Boogaard? Maybe, but highly unlikely
Boyle - This I can see, but with the recent signing of Kennedy, that becomes a bit more murky
Kennedy? Feds will have a tough time supplanting this kid.

Feds is not a 2nd line forward, so he's not going to touch the top 6, so where would he fit?

To me, this is all about pushing the kids and if they fail, that is going to suck copious amounts of balls
If Stepan doesn't make it, its because he isn't ready yet.

If Grachev doesn't make it, its because he isn't ready yet.

Stepan and Grachev are 20 years old. What speaks volume is that they're both pro hockey players and competing for a spot on the NHL roster already.

And really, what spot would Fedotenko be blocking? The healthy scratch extra forward role? That's what he would be IF he makes it.

But the reality is, he isn't going to mske it. He will be there to push the other guys in camp, and then be let go.

Stepan is not going to be playing on the bottom lines. And neither will Grachev.

And if Weise and Kennedy don't make it this year, its because of guys like Prust, Avery, and Boogaard.

And if White makes it, its for insurance if Christensen and Boyle don't perform.

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