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09-08-2010, 01:07 PM
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Okay, here's a quick tutorial from an 8 year old. And yes, I did get some valuable pointers from him.

Note that when Drew lines up for the shot his body isn't facing the net -- he's perpendicular to the net. If you were to draw a line from one shoulder to the other it would be right in line with his target.

1. To start, the puck is behind his back foot and the stick blade is protecting the puck.
2. Weight is on the back leg, knees are bent.
3. As you begin the wrist shot three things happen:
a. your lower hand presses down on the stick as if you were sweeping it into a dust pan.
b. you push off with your rear leg and transfer your weight to your front leg. As your weight shifts forward it adds power to your shot.
c. you twist your waist like you're driving a golf ball -- back shoulder comes down and forward while your front shoulder comes up and back.

Of course, as you follow through you pull your top hand back and push your lower hand forward, and roll your wrists just as the puck is leaving your blade but most of your power comes from your waist and from transferring your weight forward.

It goes without saying but there are plenty of other tutorials available on youtube.

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