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09-08-2010, 12:25 PM
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1. I don't have a television, and I don't want one. Can I watch every Coyotes game on my laptop? Anyone here do that? How much does something like that cost? Is it realiable? How about quality? Thanks.

2. I've never established any credit, and I'm twenty five years old. This is obviously a problem. I've been denied for everything from cell phone contracts to low limit, annual fee credit cards from companies like Crap.One. and even Quick Trip gas station. So, I bought one of those three credit bureau reports from Experian. Experian had my score at 638. Apparantly, I had two accounts past due(one closed six years ago, and the other four years ago). There was nothing else at all on the report. I've never financed anything, and have never been on a contract, so late payments, etc. for the most part, have never been an issue. It seems like the bigger problem is not "bad" credit, but "no" credit. Experian claims that Equifax and TransUnion have nothing on me. No score, no report, nothing. I get the feeling I'm being lied to, there. Does that sound right to anyone? Could it be that only one bureau has a score for me?

Also, how in the hell am I supposed to improve my credit if the freaking QT mart won't give me a dang card? I'm a little frustrated here, and my thirteen year old beater is breaking down on me. The thing is worth like two grand, and I'm about to drop like five hundo getting the breaks done. This is killing me. I'm flirting with the idea of taking out a student loan just so I can purchase a new car(I've been approved for 5,550 in grants this year, and 12,500 in subsidized loans this year, as a result of being unemployed for much of last year. I don't actually have tuition costs due to a tuition benefit through my employer).

I have a halfway decent job, and I don't live beyond my means in any way. I don't ever buy things. My clothes are old, and I have no gadgets to speak of. I don't struggle to make ends meet, and I pay my bills on time. I just don't have any freaking credit, and I have a need, but not the means to gain financing for a vehicle. It may be nice to be able to buy a house some day, as well(I'll have a degree soon, and I'm good at my job. A promotion, upon graduation, is certainly not out of the question)

Anyway, any advice would be great. I'm twenty five going on nineteen when it comes to things like this.

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