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09-08-2010, 01:56 PM
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Shooting regularly helps build your muscle memory, and it activates the muscles involved in shooting, which will help build your muscles as well.

Technique is one of the most important factors though, I have a hard wrist shot, but if I try to shoot left handed (I'm right handed) I have a muffin. The muscle memory and technique just isn't there, even though I know how, and have the muscles, I haven't programmed my muscles to shoot left handed.

For power and technique check out these videos

How to take a wrist shot for beginners

All those points are important, hand near the middle of the stick, weight transfer, pulling the puck back, weight transfer, getting power from your core muscles.

Here is one for a different way of shooting, you get LESS power so make sure you know the difference. This is shooting from the off foot

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