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Originally Posted by mouser View Post
Yah, you deposit $500 or $1000 [or whatever you want] with the bank and they give you a card up to that limit.

That's one of the goofball things about credit. It's not just they want to know if you have a record of not paying things, but they want to see a record of you regularly paying things. If you live smart and never use credit for anything you're like a 'credit ghost' in the system. That's all fine and dandy as long as you don't actually want to get credit.
Honestly mouser, I kind of feel that the whole system is goofball. I suppose that I'll be putting five hundred bucks into one of those cards then. I wonder how long it will take to improve my credit score.

As far as the vehicle goes, I don't think I'll be able to secure financing in any other way than student loans. I don't have a co-signer, and I can't believe I'll be approved for financing for a vehicle if I can't even get a freaking cell phone contract. Obviously student loans are for school expenses, but I can't go to school unless I can go to work. I can't go to work if I don't have a freaking car. Ugh. It's not as though I need something fancy. I just want a five or six year old, stripped down, little work truck with like 50-60k on the odometer. We're talking seven or eight grand, tops?

Here we go: - easy enough.

Strange days we live in.

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