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09-08-2010, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by EmptyNetter View Post
If he's asking how to improve his wrist shot why are you trying to convince him he doesn't need it? I'm just curious.
Because it's like learning the snowplow after you learn the hockey stop...not really all that useful.

The wrist shot is the foundation for the other shots, so it is important to learn, but the snap shot has advantages with no disadvantages:

- you shoot the puck from the side of the body or in front, not from behind, making for a quicker release

- you load the stick more than in a wrist shot, increasing power

- you snap your wrists and aim for the target like in a wrist shot, same accuracy

For me, a pure wrist shot has almost no stick loading component to it. You are bringing a puck that is from behind the back leg to the body, transfer the weight, and aggressively push your bottom hand and pull back on the top hand and snap the wrists towards the target.

With a snap shot, the puck is closer to the body, you push your weight down and into the stick, then push/pull with your arms and snap your wrists towards the target. Quicker release, higher velocity, same accuracy.

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