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09-08-2010, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by CBGB View Post
Really? Seems like I touched a nerve with someone... I mean, your tone certainly feels angry. If I didn't bother you, you wouldn't reply. But obviously I do bother you otherwise you would have posted the following:
Just because for the first time in my life I'm actually paying attention to you doesn't mean I care about you.

This isn't elementary school. I know you can't tell the difference in people paying attention to you because your annoying and people paying attention because they like you, but lets be clear. You're just some dude who jumps up and down at games. You're instantly forgettable.

Originally Posted by CBGB View Post
In anyone's book... that's "bad news". I didn't say "REALLY bad news", just "Bad news". Losing Schenn is "bad news".
The rumors isn't the issue. The pretense, cryptic BS, and all the useless drama is. If you know Schenn got hurt then why not just say it?

The reason why you don't is because you like to pretend to be important and you think people trying to guess what you know makes it real.

Originally Posted by CBGB View Post
I tried being "professional". I didn't like it. I like being me and what I do. If you don't, HIT THE IGNORE BUTTON. Be like Hammond? WHY? So that there's TWO people reporting the SAME THING? Passing along that Greene is out or Schenn is out or that Mitchell has signed DOESN'T MATTER?
I do ignore you. You and Eklund are meaningless to me. The problem isn't just your meaningless posts. The problem is the few pages of posts that happen afterward of newbies playing your little game.

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