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09-08-2010, 04:48 PM
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Snapshot doesn't require that at all. When you're carrying the puck to your side and have the stick loaded then release, that's a snap shot. All bringing the puck behind you does is slow the release time.

A wrist shot is what little kids with no strength at all do with the puck. Draw it way back and try to fling the thing towards the target. When you start loading up the stick heavily and can release it without a huge windup, that's when it becomes a snap shot.

EDIT: That video above is a wrist shot, when the little kid had to do all that work to get that shot off. As Howie Meeker used to say, if you can't do 35 pushups on their fingertips, you don't have the strength to do a proper wrist shot (what we now call a snap shot).

It becomes semantics, sure, but look at the Cammalleri video in which he shows a "wrist shot" (and even admits it's morphed into a snap shot):

The blade is a couple inches behind his back leg at his side, not way, way behind him. He doesn't break contact with the puck, it only takes maybe a foot of space to release the puck very quickly, and it's deadly accurate.

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