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09-08-2010, 08:25 PM
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I am surprised by all of the CBGB anger. I think the guy gets it right quite often. But the thing that surprises me the most is I thought that everyone knew that just because something is rumored to have/be/been happen(ed,ing) doesn't mean that it will.

The rumors that I see CBGB posting are from at least reasonable sources and even up to very solid ones and even then things that are said to be done can fall apart at the last second or, can simply change without any reason in an instant.

I don't think that he has just simply pulled anything out of his tailpipe for the sake of entertaining anyone. I see it more as a case of him being a person who has his ear to the ground (ice?) and listens to what several different sources are saying regarding the Kings.

If he hears something he checks out the credibility of what he has heard and then, if there is anything to it he posts it. I guess I am saying that I see CBGB as being the messenger and why would anyone have any problem with someone who is taking the time and effort to keep others informed about what they are hearing regarding our Kings?

I don't see it as a right/wrong sort of thing, I see it as a here is what I have heard thing sort of thing. The question of credibility depends on your perspective imo. If *you* feel that what has been reported makes sense on any level then *you* can give it credence. If not you don't.

That's the way I see it anyways. Like several other people who post here I hear things at times before they happen and have posted things in the past, some that came to pass and some that didn't but whatever happened, I still heard what I heard. I guess I would provide the same disclaimer for CBGB as I do for myself, *take it with a grain of salt* or *since I am posting it its probably bull but...*.

The only difference is that CBGB goes allot further than I do to verify what he hears before he posts it.

I don't mean to sound like I am all about CBGB or anyone else here, its just that I have a hard time seeing where anyone cares enough about what they read on the internet to actually get angry or upset about it.

It isn't like he or anyone else here is claiming to be a credential carrying news agent. If he (or anyone else for that sake) was then we would know for certain that it is all B.S. (or fair and balanced, you choose).

Brayden Schenn being inured is actually a pretty big problem imo. If he doesn't recover quickly we may not have the choice but to send him back to Jr's and that could be problematic with his entire future let alone our needs for this season.

VV has me asking a question and I thought I would ask here to see if anyone else has checked but does his injury change the time table that he has set about returning home to the KHL? It had sure better or its see ya VV for my money.

Oh well. Medford Oregon tonight, Seattle tomorrow gawd I hate the road.

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