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09-08-2010, 09:01 PM
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Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
For some, reading into his statements seem "ridiculous" to others they are pretty revealing.
All his statements "reveal" is that he thinks it will be a dogfight to make the playoffs. Nothing more, nothing less. Again, standard GM speak.

Look, I don't like Homer as GM of this hockey club, and his inadequacies at managing the cap and his assets are well documented. But to take what he said here, and try to spin it into a reason to bash Homer is pretty low.

You wanna start another thread about Shooter and his horrible cap and asset management, then I'm game. He's an easy target. But to bash him over anything he said in that interview is really reaching.

Homer and his GM abilities leave alot to be desired, but are we really going to criticize Shooter every time he opens him mouth now?

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