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Stick selection for a short girl

I'm a little stuck on what my next step should be in finding the right stick for me.

Background - I'm a beginner, nearly 5-foot-4 girl who's been playing for a year in the lowest division of the local co-ed, no-check league (I know weight plays a role in this, so I'm going to say more than I'd like but not by too much). Because I'm, well, a girl, I have disproportionately less strength in my upper body, and I'm having problems finding sticks that are the right length with the right flex.

I started off with a set of wood intermediate sticks that I cut down, but they were way, way too stiff for any sort of effective shot. They were 77 and 85 flex sticks that I cut like... three inches off of. I now use these to practice stickhandling at home.

Then I bought a intermediate, composite 70 flex Warrior Johnson (and if you think guys get chirped for this stick, you can imagine the fun with innuendo I hear) on clearance. I really like it. It's significantly lighter, and my wrist shots have a lot more snap to them because I can flex the damn thing. The difference from the wood sticks was immediate. The problem is it's still at least two inches too long, but I'm afraid cutting it down will make the flex too high.

I'm the right height for most 50 flex junior sticks off the shelf, but I know those have smaller blades and thinner shafts for the most part, and one hockey shop guy warned me to stay away from them.

Although my sider says Dallas, I'm living in a much smaller town right now with the only rink for 180 miles any direction. We have the small pro shop there and a Johnny Mac's, which has an okay selection but less-than-educated staff. I'd be willing to buy something offline but only if I knew what I was getting into and had several good recommendations.

Any specific ideas or general advice you guys can give me?

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