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09-09-2010, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Ozolinsh_27 View Post
Hi, I can relate on stick problems!!

I too am also a girl, nearly 5'8 - playing weight is 155lbs. I've gone through senior and intermediate sticks like crazy trying to find the right flex with the right blade pattern, I feel your pain. The blades are longer, thicker and trying to balance that with the correct lie drove me nuts. Comfort wise, my hands would get sore using a senior/intermediate and my stickhandling was off. Pucks were rolling off heels or just bouncing off altogether and I am a great stickhandler so you can imagine how frustrating that was to me. A friend lent me an intermediate during a casual skate in April and I HATED it.

A long time ago, I made the switch over to junior shaft + blade combo and never looked back - I have never broken a junior composite or 1 piece ever and I always go to the dirty areas (front of net, boards) so its pretty remarkable they haven't broken. They're stronger than you think! For me, junior factory length is too short so I add about 2 inches with a plug and I'm good to go. I can never find a good blade pattern I like in a one piece so I just use a combo - using Bauer P106 Jokinen, which isn't made in junior 1 pieces or was discontinued. I did buy one piece Bauer jr late on a good deal last season I did like but only got 3 games in with it. I also find that after about 2 seasons, I have to replace the shaft but have had one particular stick since 2005 with no breakage, just wear on the blade.

If anything give it a shot, you might never walk away from using a junior stick. I am definitely glad I made the transition over and recommend it.

That was going to be my suggestion.

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