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10-03-2003, 05:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Jewelly
Langdon's a great team guy; everyone liked him, even wore the 'C' in one of the X games.

Hope he helps out the Habs and brings them the toughness they need.

Looking forward to watching and seeing what he does this year. All the best to him in Montreal. Miss him already.

BTW, Langdon has 4 young kids... 3 of them (girls I think) are triplets!

Good luck LanGOON.
Wow! I hadn't realized Darren really was a fan favorite in Vancouver. Being a fan favorite without having particular offensive skills or talent is something meaningful, IMO. He must be the hard worker with the never die attitude the management is looking for to have so much fans having nothing but good comments about him.

Thanks for the input, guys! Very appreciated!

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