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Originally Posted by Joey13 View Post
To answer the actual question - do you lift weights at all?

If so, I'd recommend:

1) A modified snatch. Hold a weight bar at your knees or mid-thigh (palms toward body). Then flip the bar up to in front of your shoulders (palms away from body). The typical lift extends the bar above your head - your choice to do that part.

2) Forearm curls - sit on the end of a bench, knees together. Grab a bar, hold it with a narrow grip off the end of your knees (like off the end of a table) and curl the bar all the way up and down - like a hyper-flexion and hyper-extension of your wrists.

3) Grab 3 light weight plates - like two or three 5 lbs plates. Stack them and hold them together between your thumb and fingers palms down (think of carrying a brick palms down) and hold them as long as you can - until you drop them.

Lastly, I am a fan of cutting down a broken stick or round piece of wood to about 18 inches and drilling a hole in it. Put a piece of heavy string / skinny rope through a 5 or 10 lb weight plate and through the hole and tie it off. You can then hold the stick out in front of you palms up and down and then roll your hands over and over wrapping the string around the stick moving the weight up and down.

Those descriptions are not too good, but if they make any sense, those are great wrist and forearm work outs.
Yeah i workout and i have done al of those thing just haven't lately

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