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09-09-2010, 02:48 PM
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For me switching from a BIG mid curve, be it closed or open, to the Drury fixed all my accuracy problems. I was all over the place before, and now it's exactly where I want it. Again, I really need to do a new video one of these days...

But the key is the low follow through and keeping the wrists closed a lot more. And if it's a snapper, sometimes what helps is releasing the shot further back in your stance. For example grab a stick and get in shooting position, then face your blade at the's straight up and down. Now draw it back as far away from the target as you can while keeping the bottom of the blade flat on the's naturally going to be very closed. Push it towards the target keeping the bottom flat and it's going to be very open. So if you shoot further back in the stance, it will go lower.

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