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09-09-2010, 04:20 PM
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Some points are valid, other are not.

To say that Frölunda's junior program only resulted in Lundqvist, Kahnberg, and Tolsa is pure idiocy. And his arguments seem rather futile when he's not factually correct about the numbers.

In Gothenburg municipality, population 510,000, there are only eight rinks, including Scandinavium and Frölundaborg. This really affects kids who want to play hockey, I myself started playing when I was six, but already at that stage due to the shortage of available ice time you saw cuts being made. Basically making it impossible for new players to join teams since they obviously didn't "make the cut" from the start and thus were not prioritized and basically only sat on the bench during games until they gave up tried some other sport.

Gothenburg is a really big sports town, but hockey is an outsider within the sporting community. Much due to the fact that cutting players at that early age is considered blasphemous in other team sports. Finding and keeping talented kids within the sport will be tough when you have so many good teams in football, handball, floorball, and etc, who all cooperate with each other, which hockey don't. The only solution to a more genuine hockey culture I can see is to build many more rinks (two are currently being planned) and get an outreach program to other sports and schools.

Despite a lacking hockey culture Boork seams to like this city after all since he recently bought an apartment in Eriksberg. Maybe this article was a result of him not being recognized often enough at the local Coop Forum.

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