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09-09-2010, 07:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Oilerdiehard View Post
No worries.

I did find it interesting that Stauffer brought up the scenario yet again about vets treating the young guys poorly. He did it in a very round about way. He said it more straight out the other day that that was the case. But basically he said something about the vets going overboard with putting the young guys in their place and basically holding them down.

Then he immediately mentioned Moreau, Staios and Souray at the tail end of that. But threw in the general comment Moreau is a nice guy and Staios too. Then he said ...and Souray can be nice sometimes when wants to be or something to that effect.

I found that interesting. I would say up until now Bob has been very diplomatic towards Souray. Probably because he figured he would have to see him face to face every day again soon. But that little sudden shot almost makes me wonder if knows he will not be seeing him soon? I know that is a big reach and I am probably reading too much into things. Just found that who sequence and comment interesting.
I really hate to bring this up without finding a link or quote, but someone on OilersNation, so I assume Brownlee or Gregor but maybe one of the other writers (?), had a short bit about Tom Gilbert was one guy who was really affected by Souray's negative attitude. It was brought up as a "did Gilbert start playing better when Whitney got here or when Souray was injured?" debate. I hope someone else remembers reading it because I can't for the life of me recall where it was. Maybe it was Lowetide or even Staples ... I read too many blogs.

Anyway, I liked Staios so I find it hard to believe he'd deliberately keep the young players down, however I could believe that he might be an old school kind of guy who thinks young players should have to "pay their dues" etc. To me that's not exactly the same thing, but both might have caused difficulties in the locker room. I was really bothered by some of Quinn's end of the year comments about how the young guys were very quiet in the room and I hope some of them will take the initiative to speak up this year without feeling nervous about it.

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