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09-09-2010, 09:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Oilerdiehard View Post
Actually when Stauffer talked about this more directly the other day. He specifically said certain vets resented that the young guys got the spotlight and it basically angered them that everyone was talking about the young guys leading the team. So Stauffer said they made sure that the rookies were consistently put in their and basically kept down. Maybe I was reading too much into what Stauffer was saying but impression I got was they were being mean to the young guys and treating them like second class citizens.

Tambellini later in last season said the leadership core needed to be changed. He said then maybe the young guys will feel comfortable to take on a larger role with a different leadership core. Which seemed to dove tail a little with what Stauffer seems to be saying.

Couple that with the fact that Moreau in the media blamed the teams problems on the young forwards. Then last year he publicly threw the young goalies under the bus saying we need to score 5,6,7 goals with these young goalies to win a game. You know if he said those things publicly he was probably doing the same or worse in the room. Then recently Moreau basically said that it was being on a bad team and not him playing poorly. Just a couple of examples (among a number of them) that kind of point a finger IMO in Moreau's (not that I think it is all his fault by any means) direction. Stauffer's comments only seem to re-enforce what a lot of people wondered if it was going on.

So I think we are viewing this form a very different point of view. I mean couple all of that above with hints from people like Guy Flaming that Souray may have kind of had it in for his teammate Tom Gilbert. Then add to that Rishaug's comments about Souray being a negative cloud in the locker room and constantly complaining about everything in front of all of the boys.

When I hear stuff like that it makes it harder for me to push the blame on a couple of cocky kids. I do not know for sure of course. But we get different impressions of things.
This sort of thing would explain why the team had considerable difficulties coming together, and why pretty much all the 'captain material' was or is being shipped out ASAP.

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