Thread: TSN 1260: Tom Renney on Oilers Lunch now
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09-09-2010, 10:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Oilerdiehard View Post
Couple that with the fact that Moreau in the media blamed the teams problems on the young forwards. Then last year he publicly threw the young goalies under the bus saying we need to score 5,6,7 goals with these young goalies to win a game. You know if he said those things publicly he was probably doing the same or worse in the room. Then recently Moreau basically said that it was being on a bad team and not him playing poorly. Just a couple of examples (among a number of them) that kind of point a finger IMO in Moreau's (not that I think it is all his fault by any means) direction. Stauffer's comments only seem to re-enforce what a lot of people wondered if it was going on.
And how many TSN turning point, back breaking dumb penalties did El Capitan take? I try to respect the guy for all he's done, but the more that comes out the more it sounds like Moreau was a big cause of all the turmoil. Solid work ethic and character, but leadershipwise very inexperience/immature.

As for Souray & Gilbert, well one guy actually looked like he put forth an effort on the ice and didn't throw the team/organization under a street paver. So long Big Cranky, hello Gilbert & Whitney!

Souray was downright painful to watch in last season with his complete apathy on ice given his previous season performance.

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