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Originally Posted by td_ice View Post
Yep Jaded, especially the Flyer fans back in the day.

Not sure of the waiting list number, I thought it was at 4,000 something, but not sure.

But my buddy is on it, and I know he just a letter, and he moved up only 150 spots.

So yeah, I would have to think, adding in the new arena, and the talent we have, our tickets are the most sought after hockey tickets in the U.S.
Funny you should mention the Flyers, but was thinking specifically of their fans. Only like 3 years ago, and all years prior, when we played the flyers it seems like they owned the arena whenever they scored, just so many there, and it was annoying as hell. This past year, you would be lucky to find 50 flyer fans in the arean for any of their games, and they were barely noticable, you had to really look to notice them. The only game I noticed opposing fans at all was one game this past year, Montreal, and even that game I bet there were no more that 100 - 150 fans.

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