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Originally Posted by Jaded-Fan View Post
(posted this in the *****andmoan thread on the main board and am reposting here)

Honestly, it is a supply and demand thing. The fees I am not commenting on, but with such a huge waiting list (I believe over 6,000 now) and only a few thousand tickets per game not held by season ticket holders, what do you expect? Especially the first day of the sale. Those on the waiting list and season ticket holders get first right to buy extra tickets for about a quarter of the games, leaving even fewer tickets for the public to scramble for. Hell that was likely the only day that you will be able to buy any tcikets for any except for the most expensive seats. The Pens are an extremely hot ticket right now, and demand is as much as for a Steeler game, maybe even more given that the new arena has only just oper 18,000 seats and Heinz Field holds something like 67,000 people.

My suggestion would be to go to the part of ticketmaster where season ticketholders can sell seats. Most season ticket holders put at least some of their tickets up for sale given the cost of the plan and the number of games involved. I always do and usually for no more than face value.

But to complain is just being unrealistic. It is not ticketmaster, any supplier would be equally overwhelmed. I am just thrilled to see the Pens as popular as they are, they were this popular for a long time, went through about a half of a decade when they were bad and they fell off the map, and now are back again to Mario led team levels of popularity and then some. And this is not going to change for at least a decade I am guessing. It is a good thing for hockey that people are fighting over tickets here.
He's not complaining about how hard it was to get tickets. He's complaining that he was able to secure tickets, but when he tried to pay for them there was a processing error and he essentially lost the tickets because of it. So he rightfully is criticizing ticketmaster. If they can't support such a high volume of traffic then they shouldn't be the ticket agent.

The same thing happened to me, but I was fortunately able to quickly go back and secure other tickets. It just so happened to accept my payment the 2nd time.

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