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09-10-2010, 07:56 PM
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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
NHL leaders in PP points:
This list looks pretty talented to me.

Montreal is an exception, but they do have a some specific PP weapons, and everything aligned for them. Markov and MAB are PP QBs. Gomez is a better playmaker than anyone we have. Camerelli is a better sniper than anyone we have.

Yes, Pittsburgh ranks at the middle of league, and you can bet they aren't happy about it, at all. IMO, their problem is they have too much talent. They had 3 legit PP QBs in Crosby, Malkin, Gonchar. Too many chiefs, not enough indians. They didn't find true chemistry, despite having the talent.

For us to rank towards the top of the league in PP, it's going to take something close to a miracle. We just don't have the talent on the front end. If a coach is able to get us to the top of the league with our forward talent, well, they should be the front runner for the Jack Adams.
The point of you showing me the players with a lot of PP points was? Great players will usually score a lot of points on the PP. I get that.

Markov and MAB were injured for a good portion of the year last year and Montreal still had good numbers. Gomez is a 60 point a year guy, that's not top tier talent. Camallieri is a solid player too but is not an elite player either. That is my point, that teams without elite talent can still have an effective PP. They have lost great PP weapons the last few years in Streit and Souray yet still continue to do well.

We have a monster weapon in Weber and Suter isn't shabby as his partner on the back end. This is not a talent issue but an execution issue.

101 and I went back and forth on this about 2 months ago and we did some stat searching. For a good portion of the year they were either on or off. When we were on, we were pretty solid but when we were off we were horrible. If I remember correctly we had a 9 game and 7 game drought on the PP. We also had a 9 game stretch where we scored once in the middle of it and went 4 games on both sides without a goal. Teams go thru bad stretches but if we only take the 9 and 7 game stretches that's 20% of our games that we went scoreless on the PP.

So all that said, is it talent, execution, a little bit of both, the system? Could be lots of things but NHL players don't get to this level without having something going for them. It could also be a chemistry issue of who's on the ice that has been the biggest problem. I remember when we first got Sully and the damage that he and Walker caused on the PP. Those two teamed with Zidlicky on the PP caused nightmares for teams because we had three right handed shots on the team and most teams don't use that type of personnel on the ice at any one time. Maybe we'll see a little bit of Sully, Weber and Hornqvist out there to cause this type of mismatch this coming season.

I think the talent is there to be successful. I think it's a matter of execution that will help matters more than anything. We are waaaaay too tentative with the puck. Move it quickly and that should help as well. If guys are taking too long to make decisions with the puck then they need to sit on the bench and get guys out there who will move the puck better.

Also having guys like Lombardi, SK and Wilson who are relatively agile might do some good as opposed to a guy like Arnott who doesn't move very well and really looks for his shot more often than not and doesn't bring much else to the unit.

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