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09-11-2010, 09:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Holy Jokinen View Post
Yeah, it's called tradition. That means you do it every time. Especially if it is something no other team does. You don't just abandon it cause we haven't been to the playoffs in a really long time. You keep it going, so when we get back to the playoffs, it grows even more.
Originally Posted by pb1300 View Post
To you it might be flat and pathetic, but thats where it ends. I guess its ok that teams that have been in the playoffs, or sell out most games can have their own tradition, but since we have done neither in some time, we cant? When we played those games against the Rangers, or the Habs, where the arena was full, and we scored that game changing goal, you can feel the energy from the Panthers "goal" chant. Thats something you dont take away from this team, period. Maybe they should just do it when they have certain teams in town, would that make you feel better
it's just my opinion. you guys can love it. i like it too. it's not a matter of what teams that are doing well can do, either. it just doesn't make sense, to me, to force that on *every single goal*. i was there at the habs game last year when matthias had that penalty shot goal and i was high-fiveing people in the moment. the "GOAL" announcement didn't move me at all, though. it's ok if you feel that way. some people don't.

anyhow, this is clearly a subjective issue. there isn't a right answer. personally, i hope the new guy abandons it until it really is warranted. but we'll see.

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