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Originally Posted by Jimers View Post
Can someone help me with specific skating tips/technique on how to stop using the OUTSIDE edge of your back skate?

I find that 90% (if not 100%) of my hockey stop is performed by the front foot. I still stop fine, but I know it should be more like 60/40 not 90/10 and I want to get a better feel for my back foot outside edge when stopping.

I tried shifting my weight more to the back foot but it doesn't seem to work for me. Also tried doing T-stops but don't have much success with those too... clearly my technique is not right.

Also, I'd like to be able to stop exclusively on my back foot (front foot in the air) -- the way players stop to jump onto the bench at the end of a shift.

I've looked around but can't find much on the back-foot technique... if anyone has tips, please share.

T-stops are really the best thing to do to learn this without killing yourself. I don't know what your technique looks like when you say you are having trouble with them. Most issues I see with them is the back leg too straight or keeping your chest too square to your feet. Make sure you have good knee bend in both legs doing the t-stop. Even exagerate it in the beginning by putting your hands on your forward knee when doing it. That will turn your upper body and open your hips. (Your foot in the air later will do the same thing). Your issue could be that your chest and back foot are facing the same direction.

If you snow ski the technique is the same on skis but it's seems easier to learn because you get into a good position just by lifting your front ski.

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