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09-11-2010, 09:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Fallschirmyager View Post
I understood your point the from the first. The Hypothetical you listed proves my point. Not one GM in the league would trade Malkin for Staal straight up. You have to add pieces to "even it out". I agree the OP value was way off and said switching out Johansson would be more interesting as his upside in way above the original offer but that would only be a starter. It would not be the final deal. ....
I never said "straight up".
I believe I said something about a "package".
I haven't figured out the multi-quote feature incl from 2 diff. posts.
Will immediately quote my original post following.

My original point remains.
Yes, be open minded to every reasonable offer.
But as to a bottom line of what is NYR best interests to actually do a deal, don't see M. Staal going anywhere unless an uber-elite comes the other way.
{At present that's Crosby, Ovechkin, [neither going anywhere, plus AO has issues w/his talent], + Malkin (extreme outside chance he'd be considered for the right price, and more likely to be at least 2 years away, and only then because his contract is up after 4 years. There are a couple of guys like Stamkos knocking on the door of the uber elite club.}

In conclusion, to have the hopes/best chance of getting an uber elite player, you need a special/elite guy as part of what you are adding to trade up. Moving Staal for less than uber-elite is coke for pepsi, and eliminates any such trade up if that option does present itself.

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