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09-11-2010, 02:00 PM
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I used to live in a spare property owned by my grandmother (she lived next door). The other bedrooms were unfurnished so I ended up staying in the basement, thus prompting "you live(d) in your grandparents' basement? LOL" type lines from then 'till the end of eternity. Alas!

Anyways. Late this one evening, I'd had a friend drive up from Cincinnati to visit (BFC: we last met him at Win Wok on the way down to Nashville last New Year's, so you should know who. ). We'd gone out to dinner (he and I always tend to go to Chinese places any time we meet), played a Playstation game or two, and concluded the evening with "Being John Malkovich" - watched on his laptop since I didn't have a DVD player at the time. By the time the movie was over, it was late enough at night that I offered to put him up for the evening despite no prior family arrangements (his parents liked to be kept more or less in the know as they were still getting used to this whole "our children are all adults now" thing, and he was trying to at least keep them from regularly freaking out). We figured the next morning we'd wake up and he'd just drive down then and nobody would be the wiser.

We got busted sometime after 10am when my grandmother and sister charged into the basement, saying something about how "the towers just collapsed." We'd just been woken up, and so I had no idea what they were talking about - so I turned to my laptop and tried to bring up CNN. The site was almost unresponsive, and in recognition of the amount of traffic they'd be getting CNN had reduced their landing page to just a headline... and a picture of Manhattan. And that's kind of when it hit home.

We went over next door to my grandparents' house and there watched news reports, but were otherwise kind of dazed. I kept in touch with some other friends via IRC; at one point one of the regulars there (a guy from Northern Ireland who'd had problems with The Troubles there - BFC, you might remember who I'm referring to) started on an extended rant about the media coverage ("how dare they keep showing these shots over and over" and "how long will they go on about this?" and the like) and eventually I had to tell him "hon, this really is not the time."

I remember at one point asking my grandmother "if Pearl Harbor was anything like this", and she just nodded. I remember being extremely worried about a few friends who worked in the New York and DC areas, even though they were never anywhere near the crash sites. The rest of the day is something of a confused daze - I remember that Dan was eventually encouraged to drive back down to Cincy on the theory that Family Togetherness During Bad Times Is Good, but other than that, we all just kind of sat around and wondered What Next.


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