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09-11-2010, 02:42 PM
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Originally Posted by nki View Post
In other words "I failed to improve the team, let's raise the expectations on everyone else".
It's not really failure because he never really tried.
Right now his back is at the wall and he can't go anywhere.
Trading is not an option because we haven't the assets to do that
and he missed any chance fo an offersheet.

He will come back to reality very soon when he faces that there is no
"Lombardi type Player" outside of his wonderland.
There is no 100 point guy why asks for 2 mill per year and want to be a King for live.

IMO Lombardi is as GM waht Murray is as coach.
They are really good in the little things.
But they don't have an idea what to do to reach big thing or how to handle the guys to do big things.
These guys are made for a perfect bridge staff but nothing more.

The next 2 season the Kings will reach the playoff but won't do a real step forward because the missing pieces will never be found and the talented guys will start to riot and follow the Frolov, Cammy, O Sullyvan way.
Jack Johnson is the next one who shows Murray and Lombardi the dirty finger
and he will look awsome in Pittsburgh.
Lombardi will pull three or four more Halperns and this will be the point when AEG stop that thing.

Like i said......... it's not really failure, the whole staff isn't made for the big thing so i don't expect a great future.

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