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09-11-2010, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Rickety Cricket View Post
The McLaren deal seemed pretty one-sided.
Not really considering Jeff Jillson played as well in Boston as McLaren did in San Jose and Boston needed a goalie badly and some how managed to get San Jose to trade for Jeff Hackett then send him to Boston.
Originally Posted by Davidhye View Post
Why do Boston fans act like 12 year olds every time Thornton's name is mentioned or even implied? Pretty knowledgeable and cool posters in every other regard...
And why do San Jose fans bring up that trade any time Boston/San Jose are mentioned?

Don't blame Boston posters on this one, a San Jose poster started it this go round.
Originally Posted by Sanderson View Post
Yeah, because hockey deals can only be judged on whether the team won the Cup afterwards
Teams only win because of one player all the time, just look at all the Cups Gretzky brought to LA and New York, Hasek to Buffalo or Lemieux and Jagr after 1992 in Pittsburgh

San Jose has been a contender every year since they dealed for Thornton, but I guess you have to be a fool to take a center who pretty much guarantees that you are a contender.
You should run him out of town so that you can be the average to bad team that you where before you acquired him

Instead of coming up with useless drivel like that, how about you actually try and make a point that makes sense?
It's not that hard to try and give arguments on how and why someone else is wrong, it easily beats the childish behaviour you have shown. Not that mentioning any deal from the past was necessary either.
And Boston has been a better team without Thornton then with him. Thornton couldn't get Boston out of the 1st round, a change was needed. The return sucked but Thornton needed to go and he fits great with San Jose and the California hockey culture vs. The Northeast hockey culture.

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