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10-03-2003, 06:05 PM
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Originally Posted by marcel
listening to cjad and this caller brought up retiring pat roys number.then dino mentioned about retiring larry robinsons number and the funniest thing i heard ,the caller said he thought that they should retire gino ojuicks number ..his reasoning was because he stuck up for the team and fought pj said ya sure retire #29 gino in stead of ken caller...holy man i'm still busting up about that
Tito, I believe his name was. What a moron. I sincerely hope he reads this board to see how others perceive him instead of him living in his own little world where Odjick is a future hall of famer. I believe he phoned in before about that, unless two people can be that stupid.

Then a couple calls later you got this guy who’s either lonely and wants a friend to talk to or wants to hear the sound of his own voice on the radio. Call if you have an opinion or question, or call your mother next time…

I really need to stop listening to the post game show. If it wasn’t for the callers like the professor in California – who was very knowledgeable – I probably would.

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