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09-11-2010, 09:36 PM
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Originally Posted by disgruntleddave View Post
Kadri scares me.

He reminds me kind of grabo, although he's a bit grittier. Tries to be too flashy, rarely uses teammates, and ends up turning the puck over a lot.

- See this is the thing that bugs me about Kadri. With his selfishness where does he really fit on this team? He wouldnt fit on the 1st line because Kessel is on it, and it will reduce each others scoring chances beacause BOTH are puckhogs. Can't put him on the 2nd line either, because all 3 players (Kadri-Grabo-Steeger) are all danglers/puckhogs, its going to wind up with a lot of turn overs. Can't play him on the 3rd line because hes not defensively responsible to warrant being a checker. Isnt a fighter or energy guy, so can't put him on the 4th line either.

He has a lot to learn. Hopefully it happens quick.
Agreed 1000%. I like the guy as a hockey player but damn he's got a poor attidude. Dude hasnt even made the NHL yet already thinks hes the best thing out there. Skill wise sure I guess you could say he's ready for the NHL but mentally hell to the no, the guy needs to go down to the AHL. Once he realizes hes a good but NOT great player and learns to play a team game only then should he be called up.

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