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Originally Posted by Caeldan View Post
As a smaller guy who never played contact hockey as a kid - I'm curious, is there much difference between a deliberate check and the occasional collision you'll get in beer league pickup games?

Because if not, the key is just to being strong on your skates - use your lower center of gravity to its advantage and almost think about sinking into the ice as the collision is about to happen. A slightly wider stance does help that.
Id assume there is a big beer leagues the guy will just run into you(unless its on purpose) where as in a checking league the guy will PLOW THROUGH you wantin to knock you on your ass.

But as for thew balance part thats helpful for both situations obviously

Not necessarily for avoiding hits...but a big mental thing to remember as a beginner is collisions/hits will happen, so brace yourself and be ready to stand your ground cause its pretty much either you or the other guy, you just gotta have it in your head that you dont wanna be the one on the ice =p

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