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09-12-2010, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Caeldan View Post
As a smaller guy who never played contact hockey as a kid - I'm curious, is there much difference between a deliberate check and the occasional collision you'll get in beer league pickup games?

Because if not, the key is just to being strong on your skates - use your lower center of gravity to its advantage and almost think about sinking into the ice as the collision is about to happen. A slightly wider stance does help that.

lol. One time in bantam hockey a guy caught me with my head down trying to take a pass from my D in the neutral zone. When I was getting back to my feet I thought my vision was blurred until I realized my visor was coated with mucous. He hit me so hard it literally knocked a handful of snot out of me. You don't get that from incidental contact.

You roll with a check by getting the center of your momentum out of the way of his center of momentum.

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