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Originally Posted by Gert B Frobe View Post
Listening to your scouts and giving a guy a shot isn't a bad decision whether Bob succeeds tremendously or not. Signing Leighton instead of Ellis/Mason/Turco and going with Boucher as your backup - now that's a horrendous decision.
Again, don't understand the logic. Why is Holmgren only allowed to trust his amateur scouts re: Bobrovsky, but if his pro scouts and coaching staff tell him that Leighton is as a good a bet or better than someone like Mason or Ellis, he is supposed to ignore them?

It's clear Homer was serious about Nabokov or Turco, but Nabby wanted huge money not a reasonable paycheque and chance at a Cup, Turco thinks a Cup is a better bet with half the SC Champs than with the Flyers for a lot less money term. Homer isn't responsible for the decisions those guys made.

When they weren't options, his preference was Leighton over others. I think he was right, Mason has never impressed me, Ellis has never played enough meaningful games to have proved anything either.

It will interesting to see if Backlund or Bobrovsky can fight their way onto the team.

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