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09-12-2010, 07:05 PM
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Originally Posted by sjmay View Post
Why isn't Doughty signed? Same reason why it took Kovalchuk 2 months to sign, and same reason why Marc Staal isn't signed, IT TAKES TIME TO GET A FAIR MULTI-MILLION MULTI-YEAR DEAL AGREED UPON.

Do you think DL comes in and says, we want you at this number for these years and Doughty says yes or no, and that's the end of it???????

Also, you say Johnson will be blamed if he tells the Kings not to match a ghost RFA offer sheet? Hell yes he will be blamed if that's the case, he tells the team not to offer, what's not to blame there?? You think that it's ok for him to tell the team not to match?
Indeed i do................

I would undertsand that like i undertsand Frolov Cammy or Sully..........
The manhandling in this organisation is very poor.
The untalented nobodys gets always a chance but the high talented guys have to step back and will be punished for mistakes.

Not everyone gets the same chance or the same treadment, that is the point.

And for sure i would do the same, as soon as there is a chance i would leave a team lead by Murray, Compon and co.

I think that is in his best inetrest and the best thing he could do for his carreer

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