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Originally Posted by whoisournextbure View Post
hahahha dude the translation for that whole text almost made me **** myself!

"Mike is now an all-time dream of a ladder"

"This is the NHL's average length of 183 cm, 93 kg bag of power plays for the team as a striker on the left side" (eeeeeeeh ok)

"Finnish-speaking, schools visited Finland Mike golffaa free time, like many others, Disc, as far as Orlando resident time for a girlfriend for it. Nyt vain pidämme kaikki peukkua Miken puolesta agenttina toimivan Ryan Sittlerin kanssa. Now we just all thumbs up to an agent acting on behalf of Mike Ryan Sittler with."
(yeah makes total sense, we just all thumbs up to mike ryan sittler!!!!)
I got some too lol

"Mike is working hard goal in front of . In the summer he was the Edmonton Oilers training camp Chuck Moreau led by acquiring new doctrines"

"This is all just to gain further compression of the thighs and pohkeisiin . Mike says is now its his life okay"

"Ammattijääkiekkoilijaksi " that a word???Jeebus

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