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Originally Posted by The Bench View Post
Who would want to coach these guys?

When you're talking about players going to Shattucks, are you talking about parents paying $40K and the kid is going to school there? Or you talkin' about their prospects campus visit that includes some ice sessions? Shattuck scouts the Walleye tournament and invites a bunch to this campus visit. Is that what's happened here? If so, WHOOOP-De-DOOO!

Follow the older kids (like '93's) to get a reality check. Players that got a whole bunch of cyber-ink struggling to make a MJHL team at 17. Those parents stopped contributing to RESPs when their kids were 12 'cause they were going to get that scholarship. They didn't grow, got passed by, skill and brains didn't catch up to their early brawn/strength and speed or their speed vanquished when they didn't grow past 5'9" (but they sure "looked" impressive when they were BIG at 13/14. Not so big/fast anymore.

It doesn't matter. Go to the provincial AAA or city midget AAA tryouts this year and last year. Take your 93/94/95 DUB and MJ draft lists. Re-rank them. Then you'll see that the bantam draft is too early - between the now-wrong choices and "new" prospects. This is re-evaluating them a few months to a few years after their drafts. And you guys are trying to handicap pre-Bantam 2 season players?

Here's how quickly it changes. Now that the DUB/MJHL teams have had their camps and up to 6.5 months have passed since the Bantam (95) regular season - a bunch of Manitoban draftees would not have been picked and bunch of others would have. Why - skilled players growing, big players not so big and lack of skill/brains are a bigger hinderance, rural players now in the mix with city players, some took their position for granted and didn't work while the desperate/driven players did, and some entered and embraced the "age of the 4 B's distractions - beer, broads, and boobs".

And you're telling me that some kid who hasn't turned 13 is going to be a top 20? Also, please do the math. There are 22 DUB teams. This means there are ONLY 22 picks each round. Therefore ONLY 22 first rounders. Manitoba produces the least amount of the four western provinces. Not one first rounder in '95 and the first taken of '94's was a rural high school player. Are there any Michael St. Croix's in this crowd (age advanced, skilled, AND never small?). Any Jonathon Toews in the crowd - CTV sport star of the week at 14? Or go outside the province - Chandler Stevenson from Saskatchewan - sponsored by Bauer at age 12. Donovan Cousineau from Fort Frances - coveted to play summer hockey in Manitoba at age 12&13, now competing for under-17 team Ontario - head and shoulders above any '94 Manitoba player.

Did any of these '97's get expense-paid packages to play on a summer team at any BIG summer tournament?

IF the answer to any of the above is "NO" - give it a rest and give your kid a break. Can't imagine the hockey talk to and from the rink and the handicapping at the kitchen table, re-working the list and comparison sheet after each tryout session.
4B's is classic....and for studs are likely right....Mike Loustel used to tell me that he had coached a AAA spring/summer team back in the day...would run into Joe Thornton (14,hairy chest 6'2" taping his sticks in the hall) at all the tournies ...playing for different Ontario teams ..Big Joe would get $500 a weekend to play.

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