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Originally Posted by Fatty View Post
I'm hoping Hammond was right because I'd like to see him make the team this season. You never can tell w/ knee injuries. Problem is that when macro injuries occur, it usually takes two weeks to know how bad something is unless it is completely trashed on film (xrays/mri). That's why he'll need to be reevaluated on a daily basis. Could be an ACL thing or could be internal bruising and that usually takes weeks or months to heal even though surgery may not even be needed and there would be no evidence of any "structural damage". No one would really have a solid answer on this, which is why he'd need to iced, stretched, put through a series of work outs to his limitations, iced and then checked/tested after the fact. Sometimes it's something simple where he just needs a break (no pun intended), others get pretty nasty and you don't really figure that out until much later until after the body responds to non invasive treatment ( I was an x ray tech and worked in rehab/PT setting for 3 years so seeing these kinds of things was pretty common).

Also, this was posted on the Kings Website which backs up what i"m saying so you know I'm not bsing this. We probably won't know the full extent for another 2 weeks at least. These are not in any order.
Likely scenarios.

1. Start skating right away, no pain, no problem, (not likely if they went so far to post something to the fans)
2. Will stay the same which means he will need to be "reevaluated".
3. Get on some program where he is monitored and eventually comes back at a date to be determined (Most likely).
3. He'll have a major setback if he's not careful.
4. It will get worse w/ the rehab so they'll have to change approach.
5. The absolute worst would be they missed something on the original MRI, which is not likely, and he'll need major work done. Again, that's the least likely unless the Doc who evaulated him was two sheets to the wind.

I'd be most concerned about rushing him back. Just take it easy peasy, find the limit on the rehab and stick to it.

Hope the info helps. The info below was pulled from the Kings Website. Same goes for Greene even though he went through surgery. Greene doesn't really have a time line either, just goals. It's all about how his body responds. Being conservative is a good thing with both of them right now.

Posted by Rich Hammond on 10 September 2010, 3:44 pm
An MRI on Brayden Schennís knee revealed no structural damage, and he is considered day-to-day. Schenn will be re-evaluated daily and will continue to train while he does rehab work.

Greene interview
Posted by Rich Hammond on 11 September 2010, 1:57 pm
After he finished his session in the kids press conference at Hockey Fest, Matt Greene came in to talk to the media about his recovery from the surgery he had on his left shoulder in July. Greene is expected to miss the first month of the seasonÖ

Question: How is the recovery process going?

GREENE: ďI think itís getting better. Every time I talk to the doctors or the trainers, they always say itís coming along just as they expected. I think Iím on the timeline. I couldnít tell you what the timeline actually is. They donít give me the exact dates, but they just say itís coming along as scheduled.Ē
So what you're saying is... he's not "day to day".

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