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09-13-2010, 02:24 AM
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Originally Posted by The Spicy Shrimp View Post
I use an 85 flex and I'm about 250, last time I checked. Taken a lot of hard slappers with it, a lot of good, whippy wristers, and I haven't noticed any feelings of "oh no, I feel like it's going to snap."
Exactly the same for me. Same weight as you, and I had been using 100/110 flex sticks (cause I got them used so they were high quality for low price). I finally manned up and bought a brand new stick and got a Vapor XXXX 85 flex and loved it. I lost a bit of velocity on my slappers, but they were more accurate. Wristers got harder and more accurate. Didn't feel overly whippy and definitely not like it was going to snap in my hands. That stick eventually broke between an opposing forward and the boards (R.I.P. XXXX) and I got an Easton ST 85 flex (used, mind you, but at least it's the right flex) and am still loving the shots I get with it (plus the ST feels even sturdier. Thing is a tank).

Personally intermediates flexed too much and just kind of died on the follow through on slappers, but being 250 that's my size and not the stick. I'm thinking the people on here around 170ish could probably use an intermediate and be happy with it, and maybe even prefer it to their senior sticks. If you can experiment with the idea for cheap, might as well try it. It could end up changing your game significantly

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