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Originally Posted by Frank Booth View Post
IIRC, the Wolves had about 15 games on 50 last season. But those games were available to much, much higher percentage of households then the other 65 games on the public access cable. It advertising 101. Get the product you are selling in front of more eyeballs, potential customers. Look at it from that standpoint, not from a fan's point of view. For a fan like you, it's great that all games are available to you. But that's not the point of showing the games. The point is to show the product to turn people from potential customers to ticket buying clients. And to do that they need to get as much exposure as possible. But if you don't believe me, fine, but call MY50 and find out how much it costs to buy a block of time, and then call Comcast Cable and ask them the same question, and you will find out if I am right or not.
Also remember the televised My50 games were Friday/Saturday/Sunday, games that pack the arena, rather than advertise the dead space that is the Allstate (or any other AHL arena) during the week. A smart move to show those games on Comcast during the week, for the return IMO.

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