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09-13-2010, 09:49 AM
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Originally Posted by CBGB View Post
So what you're saying is... he's not "day to day".
nope..I'm saying he's going to be monitored and in a about 2 week's time, they'll find out if it's more serious. I think you're looking for definition on day to day to see who is right and who is wrong. Can't help you w/ that and that's not what I'm after here. It's a knee, not an oracle so it's not really black and white. I'm not the doc in the room and don't know the guy's history. But I have seen how people respond to injuries. There are lots of factors. Just giving a semi educated scenario because I know everyone has invested a lot of time over the summer w/ thoughts, opinions etc..

I know enough to get myself into trouble if that makes sense. I may not have all the background on hockey players, not an expert on stats and don't have too many "sources". But I have seen people who were really jacked up bounce back quickly and people w/ something that first looked like nothing which got worse later. Knee's are tricky..not as nasty as a shoulder..just tricky. (Hinge joint versus ball and socket joint). One thing that helps is that he's young so his body will respond quicker. My guess...2 weeks we know more.

That aside, he's probably going to push himself as well, training camp is here and he wants to make the team..probably pretty bad..... It's kind of interesting from a medical perspective, probably not so much for him though....... but hey..I dig this stuff....

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