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09-13-2010, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Martyros View Post
in GM mode: i have 20 unsigned prospects.....with 47/50 contracts and so atleast half of them go to UFA status.....and they have a billion FA's that are under 20 years old which isn't right AT ALL.
Autosave.....I don't cheat, but i try to keep things realistic....I can't possible have Simmonds 4th in my Depth Chart for right wingers and lose every game by a margin such as 6-1 or 8-2 with Quick/Bernier having a GAA over 3.75. i want to quit when something stupid happens like how i lost 11-2 to the Wild through simulation....or how i have a horrible team like the oilers and end up 2nd place in the West. Not to mention players still are asking for too much.

HUT: the stupid penalties ruin the game for me. It's hard enough to Poke check the CPU and so they made it even EASIER to get a tripping penalty by calling it without the opponent even falling. Elbowing penalties are just bizarre. i got a game misconduct for checking someone from the SIDE and got called for boarding. I couldn't edit my lines when the player got kicked out so i had a 4th liner playing on my 1st line.

I don't want to piss and moan about it. I mean, i bought it and will always play it because i just love the sport. I just have to get used to this crap and i always remind myself that no game is, or will ever be, good enough for me to not complain about it.
Originally Posted by Martyros View Post
Since it requires connection to the EA servers(to get the EA pucks and trade cards), It would have been cheating cuz people would bring the sliders all the way down on All-star just to beat the CPU and get easy EA pucks.
Heh. It sounds like we are in the same boat. I love HUT mode so most of my time is spent playing with those silly rules, and being frustrated at the computer. I was trying to gain some pucks and build a half-way decent team before I started to play other players but it looks like I may have to give that up and just start playing other players with what I got.

I am trying to do the ultimate tournament for single player, I had to buy Emery and Garon to get my goalie rating high enough, and you are forced to play in superstar difficulty, and 90% of my time is spent just trying to get the puck back and taking one penalty after another I won the first one by only like 2 goals, and then the second game I barely squeaked by in a 1-0 shootout victory >.< Dunno how much longer I am going to last...

But I needed to shoot for bigger prizes because I am not earning enough pucks playing the basic tournament and beating the CPU 13-0 in pro difficulty. Also the contracts can get annoying. Seems I need to apply contracts to a couple of guys after every single game which greatly cuts into profits >.<

It is a tedious grind stuck with tedious rules.


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