Thread: Prospect Info: Kabanov already getting in trouble
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09-13-2010, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Trumanperro View Post
Lets be real, who hasn't been late to work? Flat tire, traffic, power outage took out your alarm clock and a million other excuses. Had this not been Kirill it wouldn't be that big a deal.

It's not good and he should be extra careful given his reputation. But he's young and **** happens. So the question really is. Is this an honest human mistake or a sign of bad things to come? Only time will tell. I'm cheering for him. At 18/19 I was still a snot nose. Tough to be in his spot, but a great chance he shouldn't take for granted.
I think it would be a big deal if it was ANY of the rookies that were in this situation, unless it was completely unavoidable. But, I'm sure the team wouldn't have felt the need to send him home if it were one of those out of the blue/nothing you can do about situations. But again, it was Kabanov who has a history of getting himself in trouble.

Let's hope he gets the message and gets on with camp. It will be a bigger issue however, if the disciplinary action taken by the team does not act as a deterrant to similar behavior in the future.

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