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Originally Posted by Kurrilino View Post
I know i know.

I don't compare him to Heatleys contract i compare him to Heatleys Situation.

If the staff keeps handling Johnson like Frolov and keeps pairing him with crap on the ice
Johnson will say good bye.

He doesn't have any rights to switch or choose a team but think a little bit ahead.
Let's say his Agned tells Lombardi not to match an offersheet or talk to the Pens GM.
What happens if Lombardi is not listening ?????
An arbitrator will come in they will agree to 1 year xxx dollars and that's it.
You have 1 year of a cancer on the ice and he may not even show up in practice.
After that year he will show both dirty fingers to Lombardi and will be gone for free.
The only solution is to listen to Johnson and trades him for whatever the Pens are offering or not matching the offersheet.

Again..... who is to blame for that...........
The most of you will riot and ask for Johnsons head.
But is it really Johnson's fault ?????? Wouldn't you guys do the same ????
Wouldn't you guys move to your best friend Crosby when you are paired with Harrolds or Johnes or Drewiskes ???? Would you accept to stay out of the PP while a moron like Stoll is filling your position when you could score tons of points ????
You just couldn't leave Stoll out of

I see the point though. L.A. needs to start producing and I cringe every day knowing it is Lombardi and Solomon negotiating maybe the most important contract extension in the history of the organization.

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