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09-13-2010, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
For the most part, if you have a conversation in good faith with someone (IE: talking about Brindy at any point in his career in your case) you'll be fine. There are very few that Canes fans don't get along with and those are usually the drunken idiots that get kicked out of any stadium or someone looking to pick a fight. Somehow I highly doubt you fall into either category.
Yeah Dave I might get drunk but I wouldn't pull the idiot card and act like a complete jackass or want to start a fight with anyone. Not very fond of the fans here that do that in our home to visiting fans. Somehow I highly doubt any problems at all down there. I wouldn't care about any "flyers suck hahaha" type stuff. But the "flyers *****in suck" stuff just don't fly with me having my son with me.

tarheelhockey - that's good to know!!! I'm sure my family will be fine down there. Hell I'm sure canes fans will have some good conversations with us since it is Brind'Amour retirement night.

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