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09-13-2010, 05:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Varius View Post
While I *still* expect Ryan to remain a Duck, let's see a proposal without Kadri/Schenn to see what can be done.



2012 1st round pick
Luca Caputi


- We know he won't re-sign and that's actually a good thing. This year we could have Vis-Lydman, Kaberle-Sutton/Sbisa, Sutton/Sbisa-Brookbank and Festerling/Mikkelson. Pretty good depth. Next year, we hope Sbisa takes a Top-4 spot for good and someone else like Fowler, Gardiner or one of our other prospects may make it. Basically, if we got Schenn back, that would limit opportunity for our awesome D prospects pool.

- Versteeg is a versatile forward and I'm sure would fit the Anaheim style like a glove (if Anaheim decides to actually have a defined style this season heh). Versteeg - Getzlaf - Perry could probably do close to what Ryan - Getzlaf - Perry could do. With Lupul's health concerns and Selanne maybe retiring next year, we could use another Top-6 forward. Would Burke move a guy he just acquired? For this deal, I think he would.

- First rounder is an unknown; it could be an excellent pick or it could be middle of the pack. regardless, it's a 1st.

- Caputi lost some of his shine since he was drafted, but he's mostly a throw-in to this deal since Anaheim is low on prospect LWers.
Many of the objections to the asking price for Bobby Ryan was that TML would not package both Schenn and Kadri in the same deal. They didn't want to fill one need and create two others.

I wouldn't mind Versteeg in place of Kadri, and I agree that he would fit well with Getzlaf and Perry. However, we need Schenn instead of one year of Kaberle. It is always difficult to project out talent, so the chances of Anaheim's blueline prospects all making it to the NHL is unlikely. Schenn is young and has already made it to the NHL, so I like his long term potential better than a prospect who hasn't made the leap yet. If the Ducks end up with too many blueline prospects, then we can move one later in another deal. It's a good problem to have.

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