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04-24-2005, 10:30 AM
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I think most people, while rooting for people in a sweater, have their favorite players, and for casual fans especially, and young kids, they root for specific players. People say 'I root for a sweater', but there are professionals wearing that sweater. They're the best in the world; even in Rangers uniform. They play a game at a very high, and often entertaining level. I like watching college and AHL hockey, but it just doesn't compare to even a couple crappy NHL teams. The game's slower. The hitting is less fierce. The shooting isn't as intense. It's a different game. That's about what you'd get with scab hockey. And the teams are going to market and immortalize scab players, and thus the popularity of the game would wane even more. Rooting for the sweater is one thing - but watching scabs would be like watching an inferior product to the NHL and it would almost be surreal - like the games didn't even count towards anything - and like nobody even cares.

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