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09-13-2010, 09:14 PM
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Originally Posted by The Velvet Hammer View Post
well for one it was sarcasm, but fine i will bite.

That might not be the problem here, but to say that there is no problem is clearly false. No problems means hes already got a contract and we are not talking about this.

Now just something to ask you, if you were in a situation as ryan is and your boss has to give you a raise(lets not even worry about the term right now). You deserve a 5$ an hour raise, but he refuses and wants to offer you a 2 $ raise and you know there are atleast 10 other companies where you can do the same thing that you are doing there and get that 5$ raise.

Now you dont want to leave, you like the building you work in, you like the people you work with, you have made friends and have got comfortable where you are, but he refuses to give you what you feel is fair and you know the other companies will. After months of negoitation you would obviously get fustriated and maybe even if he offers you that 5$ raise in the end is it worth it? You know its just going to happening again and you start to feel unwanted especially knowing that he can afford to give you that raise in the first place and just simply refuses

I think randy really screwed the pooch on this one and should've just given ryan what he wanted and kept a player of his caliber happy.
Ummm...why are you ignoring term in your analogy? That's what the issue of signing Ryan was/is.

Also, the Leafs are in a worse position than the ducks, they have way too much money and players on their blueline and have nothing upfront, and a sub-par team in general.

I'd hardly say Anaheim needs to move Ryan like Philly needed to move gagne.

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