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09-14-2010, 09:27 AM
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Originally Posted by galvo View Post
First season feels weird, but hang in there, that's easily my favorite show of the past decade. The actual TV episodes are much better than the movies. The first season is a little odd and slow, but it really picks up in season two.

I found out about Trailer Park Boys when visiting my cousins in Canada in 2006. I saw a Trailer Park Boys poster in my cousins house and was immediately intrigued. I came home and downloaded all six seasons and began with the first. Let me tell you, I almost stopped watching the show midway through the first season. I showed Trailer Park Boys to many of my friends and they all thought it was stupid.. at first. Now Trailer Park Boys is easily one of our favorite shows of all time. Our lingo practically revolves around that show.

Not to mention the fact that we've adopted a ridiculous Canadian accent by watching the show.
Worked in America for a couple of summers with a Canadian boss, he introduced Trailer Park Boys to us and I loved it. Tried showing it to mates at home - did not go down well.

So funny, definitely have to stick with it

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