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09-14-2010, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Blues88 View Post

Specifically, my Eastons are killing my feet as a result of being too big. They are the S9's, a decent low-middle of the road skate. I have to get a skate that fits.

I could just buy them in the right size, but I want to spend alittle more and have the boot last a good amount of years.
Considering these points PLEASE steer clear of online sales and used skates. You don't say how you bought your current skates but I think you need to find a good specialty hockey shop in your area and get fitted by a trained salesperson. It's a good idea to go at a quiet time of day -- you'll have the clerk's undivided attention.

I bought my first adult skates from a big box store -- no sales help and no idea how skates are sized. I grabbed a pair of CCM Tacks in the same size as my sneakers and skated on them for the next 5-6 years. They fit well enough (never had a big problem with blisters) and held up well but were much heavier than my second pair of skates.

My second pair, I bought about a year and a half ago from my local hockey store. Brand & model really doesn't matter as much as fit. The salesman who helped me was pretty psyched to offer me a Reebok skate (maybe a 9K) at a considerable price reduction. It just didn't feel as good on my foot as the Easton S10's I wound up buying -- I've got a high arch that the skates supported well and loved the low cut so I could get more flexibility for my ankle. Throughout the process I got input about what features are good about each skate and which ones are just marketing gimmicks. Every clerk at this shop (Pure Hockey in MA) plays hockey so they've all used most of the products themselves.

As far as used skates, I'm not against them if you're trying to get a good skate on the cheap. But if you've got $400 to spend you shouldn't have trouble finding a quality new skate. What's more, yours will be the only foot that skate is fitted to when it's baked and you'll be the one to break them in.

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